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Motor Oil Matters MOM American Petroleum Institute Licensed Installer

Company Philosophy

The Company’s goal is to provide our customers with a quick oil change and lubrication service using quality products with courteous, reliable and professional service at the lowest price available in the markets that we serve. We will concentrate on performing basic oil changes and not perform many of the other services that our competitors do, such as radiator flushes, transmission fluid changes, etc.; so that in most cases we can in fact complete the servicing of our customers vehicle in 10 minutes or less. Furthermore, the small number of additional items which we do offer, such as air filters, will never be sold using high pressure sales tactics. Employee training programs are specifically designed to ensure that all employees understand that the primary goal in checking the customers air filter, fluid levels, etc. is to ensure that the customer’s vehicle is properly serviced by bringing all additional service needs to the customer’s attention – NOT to generate additional sales.

PROMPTO is now licensed by Motor Oil Matters(MOM), a program of the American Petroleum Institute. This licensing assures the consumer that they are receiving high quality oil in their vehicles, and provides a chain of custody from refinery to the retail consumer.

As an API licensed dealer in the MOM program, PROMPTO strives to provide their customers with the RIGHT OIL FOR THE RIGHT VEHICLE. PROMPTO ensures that the motor oil we use in our customer's vehicle is recommended by the vehicle manufacturer for that engine.

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We hope you find our Web Page useful and informative and look forward to your visit to any of our 24 locations in Maine and New Hampshire.

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PROMPTO Building

PROMPTO was founded in 1984, when the Portland, Maine location, which was the first Quick Oil & Lube store to open in the New England area, began operations. Quick oil change stores are a fast growing segment of the automotive service industry. They currently perform approximately 20% of the oil changes in the United States. PROMPTO currently has twenty-four locations in Maine and New Hampshire.